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Getting lost in the Fantasy

Writing is a cathartic, crazy, chaotic, dead in the water with nothing to write process.

At least it has been for me. When I think back on the past ten years, I start to measure what I’ve produced which then cripples me and I most decidedly don’t write.

What I’ve been trying teach myself these days is to get lost in the Fantasy.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re a writer and this is what you’re supposed to do, but believe it or not it’s harder than you think. When I was younger I could slip into fantasy easily, making up stories that supplied endless scope for the imagination (as Ann with an e Shirley proclaimed in ‘Anne of Green Gables’)*.

But as an adult, fantasy must be purchased much harder because of the everyday noise populated in our heads by the outside world. Fears, Joys, money problems, job woes, births, marriages, graduations and death are all intermingled into a melange of pollution to distract you from doing what you need to do to create.

Art is not on demand. It starts…

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