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Monday, March 5, 2012

Man Candy Interview - Actor and Model - Lee Kholafai

Three months ago, I had the pleasure of featuring actor and model Lee Kholafai on my blog. I have to give props to my girl Benita Ruiz for sharing this slice of heaven with me.

Lee kholafai by Rick Day
Not too long after, the charismatic Kholafai actually accepted my friend request.

Now I am one of many among the throngs of a growing fan base. Lee kindly took time out of his extremely busy schedule for chat.

Thanks for joining me today, Lee!

So when little Lee Kholafai was growing up what did he daydream about?
Being in the NFL as star running back. Yesssir! *giggle, I think my husband had the same dream.

Which came first, acting or modeling?
Modeling. It’s definitely not what I imagined lol

Where were you the first time you saw your images as Lee Kholafai, the model?
I was at the airport about to board the plane when I bought a Men'sHealth magazine to read for the flight. While flipping through the pages, I surprisingly saw myself in it for a Target campaign lol

Lee Kholafai by Tony Duran

When you broke into modeling, did you think, this is what I want to do forever or were thinking this will just be temporary?
I just took it for what it was. It’s never been something I've wanted to do forever but I enjoy it and I’m thankful. It’s a nice side hustle lol

What's the latest campaign you've been shooting? 
I did a denim campaign with photographer Jerry Avenaim and I also just got word that I'm one of the models selected to show support for PETA in the 2012 campaign. 

Lee Kholafai by Sylvie Blum
Lee, you have such an exotic look. I hope you don't mind me saying, but you have the most sensual lips I've ever seen on a man. Some models are known for certain things, like their eyes, or interesting hair, are you known for you lips? (smile)
I'm known for my AMAZING sloth toes! *giggle, probably the best looking sloth toes around. 

Speaking of your exotic look, what is your background?
In dog terms, I'm a mixed breed mutt. lol I'm Cherokee Indian, Irish, and Persian. It’s funny actually, because my mom and dad look totally opposite from each other. 

Photo courtesy of Lee
Switching up a bit, tell me what it's like to work in film?
A lot of fun as well as a lot of hard work. 

Any future film projects coming up?
Yessss! Indeed!!! My projects can be seen on my on my IMDB page.

Lee Kholafai as John Arenas in Blood on Canvas
How do you find the time to juggle film and modeling?
Acting is my first priority so I'd turn down any modeling job if it would interfere with an acting role.

Any thoughts about stage work, will we be seeing you on Broadway anytime soon?
I'd love to have the chance at Broadway but as of now, I'm not receiving any offers lol

A man, his dog and a XBOX
Photo courtesy of Lee Kholafai
Let's talk about your sweet pup, Titan, tell me when and where you got him?
He's from Orange County, CA and I got him a week before Valentine's day in 2010. aww! Be still my beating heart! 

Tell me a little bit more about Titan's 2nd Chance Pit bull Rescue Foundation?
It's meant to protect pit bulls as well as share news, photos, foster care, adoptions etc. Anything to do with the well-being of pit bulls.

What are some of the ways people can educate themselves about pit bulls?
I'd say to meet one with a good owner. Don't stereotype or judge. Every pit bull is different the same as every human is different.

How can we support your foundation?
By 'Like'ing this page, Titan's 2nd Chance Pit Bull Foundation - Facebook and following him on Twitter @Titans2ndChance

Titan's 2nd Chance Pit Bull Rescue Foundation
I think the work you are doing is wonderful. Is this something that you would like to see yourself doing in the future, more charitable works?
Oh Yeaaaa! I wanna do charity car shows, BBQ's, freestyle contests and then some to help the youth and trust, I will do those one day. To help my animal friends I'd like to do pet parades, photo contests etc to help raise money for the misfortunate animals to cover vet bills, foster care and the list goes on. 

In ten years, what will Lee Kholafai be doing?
Giving you an interview on my recent blockbuster release and how Titan's 2nd Chance Pit Bull Rescue Foundation is now worldwide!!! Whoo-hoo that would totally rock! 
Lee Kholafai by Rick Day
How do you want to be remembered?
By how I've helped others and animals. If I can change one person's or one animal's life during my lifetime then I'd rest in peace. But I wanna help wayyyyy more than just one of each lol!

Can we do some quick silly and somewhat romantic questions? Let's Goooo! SWEET!
Gucci Mane

What's playing on your iPod?
I like dirty south rap so right now it's Gucci Mane!!! lol

What car would you like to be driving?
I want that new BMW i8 series electric car. I saw it in the latest Mission Impossible movie and fell in love. It's fast, sexy, and environmentally friendly. How can you beat that? lol Holy crap, so do I! That is one sexy car. 
BMW i8

What are your favorite comfort foods?
Cheese and coffee Ice cream! OMG finally someone else who likes coffee ice cream!

Snuggling by the fire or romantic picnic in the park?
Snuggling by the fire! Could I add marshmallows??? Oh yes, and hot chocolate too...mmm

Long drive along the coast or motorcycle ride up to the mountains? Motorcycle ride!!! Vrooooom!!!
Lee Kholafai by Greg Vaughan
What attracts you first, eyes or lips?
Hmmm eyes but trust they both get noted, haha 

Lee Kholafai by Matthew Lyn
Clothes preference on you, jeans and t-shirt or a sharp looking suit?
Jeans and T but I love rocking the suit! And you rock both looks so well, Lee! 

Clothes preference on her, tight jeans, sexy top or fun flirty dress? Fun flirty dress because who doesn't want fun and flirty lol  Man after my own heart! Sigh!...

Thanks for answering those silly questions Lee.
My pleasure! drool, drool!
Lee Kholafai by Sonny Tong
So what's up next for you?
There's a couple of things in the mix but I don't want to jinx myself by sharing before they're confirmed lol We're crossing our fingers, eyes, and legs for you Lee! 

Lee Kholafai by Rick Day
How can your fans find you?
My Friends can find me on the links listed or they could just stakeout Runyon Canyon park and wait for me to hike with Titan. lol
Official Lee Kholafai website
Official Lee Kholafai blog
Facebook Fan page
Lee Kholafai IMDB

Lee Kholafai by Tony Duran

Lee Kholafai by Bogdan Morozovskiy

Lee Kholafai by Rick Day

Lee Kholafai by Scott Hoover
A hearty thanks to Lee for stopping by and please enjoy, I know I did! 

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Alyssandra said...

Great interview, I love that he is so down to earth. Nice to get to know you Mr. Kholafai.

Gingy said...

Excellent job as usual Lizzie! Sounds like a great guy. As a Pit step-mom I totally support his, and Titan's, good work! Thanks Lee...

shazza fox said...

Absolutely gorgeous. With this guy, it's difficult to pick what to look at first. Magnificent eyes, luscious lips, beautiful body. Lizzie, I'd say you hit the jackpot with this one. This guy is extremely masculine, exudes testosterone.

Lizzie Walker said...

Hey Alyssandra, he really is a sweetie and I am glad you liked the interview. ;-)

Thanks for coming over and visiting me! :-)

Lizzie Walker said...

Thanks Gingy! Glad you could make it over here today mama!

It's so nice to know that someone is looking out for the welfare of pits. They get such a bad rap.

An animal does what is natural to their instinct. Man should learn to get along with the dog, not the other way around.

Lizzie Walker said...

Shazza! I owe you several emails! Well now you know why I have been MIA. LOL

He does have divine lips but I think I love Lee's eyes the best. They remind me of fine whiskey.


Vonda Sinclair said...

Wonderful interview! Very inspiring! I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know more about Mr. Kholafai.

Sini said...

Great interwiev, Lizzie! Mr.Kholafai is very admirable both because of his charity work and his amazing physique...*blush* Thank you for the monday candy ;-)

Renee Vincent said...

I'm speechless, Lee! And coffee and ice cream are your favs too? You've stolen my heart, darlin!

Great interview Lizzy. And thanks Lee for letting us get to know you better.

Lizzie Walker said...

Thank Vonda, I expect you write a book based on a hero like Lee. LOL

Oh that would be a very interesting read. You do write some very sexy heroes.

Lizzie Walker said...

Sini, you always make me giggle. I knew you would love the lovely boy parts and his lovely personality. LOL

Lizzie Walker said...

Renee, LOL I knew that coffee ice cream would lure you in! It did for me as well. God we are some serious coffee addicts.

Glad you stopped by :-)

Myth said...

Wow, Lizzie you have left me speechless and you know that's hard to do! Love this interview,now everyone gets to see how AMAZING Lee is and see all the hard work he does for the people and things he cares for. Love that he's not just a handsome face and great body, but he has a mind and a heart to go along with it!!! Once again great job Lizzie... PS do you think I'll get him to get on the back of my motorcycle? No wishful thinking blah lmfao

Lizzie Walker said...

LOL Oh Lady B, I don't know about that, you will have to ask Lee yourself! LOL

You never told me you rode? Hmm what kind of bike you got woman? We will have to take this convo offline missy.

Thanks for the compliments. I love featuring people who are actively putting positive energies in the world and that's how I see Lee.

I know you do too. *hugs*

Renata said...

Lee, great to meet you via this article! I love pits, they attend lovely goofy characters. All in how you raise them. You're gorgeous inside and out! Wishing you the best!

Lizzie, thanks for a great meet and greet article! Love your comments in blue too! XX


Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

What an interesting interview, Lizzie. He is so down to earth and open sharing with you. Not bad to look at either. ;)

Lizzie Walker said...

Aww Renata, thank you so much! I am very glad you enjoyed the interview and my comments in blue. *giggle*

I hope in some small part, I have been able to spread the word about the wonderful work Lee is doing with his foundation.

Lizzie Walker said...

Hi Mama P, Lee was definitely very open to sharing and that's what lets you know he's got a good heart in the way he treats others.

I hope he never loses that passion and zest for life, love and happiness.

Sarah Hoss said...

OMG- be still my beating heart. Not only is he sexy and beautiful to look at, but so is his heart and soul.

**sigh** I think I could at his pictures for a long time. Great interview to the both of you! Thanks for sharing!

Melissa Stark said...

I love your interviews, Lizzie. The questions you ask help us see your interviewee's personality. And his glorious bod. :-)

Thanks for sharing!